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Engraved Corian Signs and Memorial Plaques

Engraved corian nameplates

In the engraving workshop at The Sign Maker we use a lot of corian in its various colours for nameplates, signs and memorial plaques. It is available in two thicknesses and can be cut to any size.  It is made from a mixture of resin, natural minerals and pigments. The real mineral content allows the corian to retain quite a few of the properties of real stone without the disadvantages. It feels heavy and cold but unlike real stone can be engraved with fine detail.
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Colours for 6mm corian engraved plaques

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6mm Corian Nameplates, Plaques and Signs
Corian makes beautiful memorial plaques, why not add a backing board for a stunning finish.
Small 12mm Corian Nameplates, Plaques and Signs
12mm Corian for house nameplates and memorials. Size less than 225 x 375mm Prices from:-
Large 12mm Corian Nameplates, Plaques and Signs
Large corian signs over 300 x 450mm. Ideal for business signs & larger House Signs. Prices from:-
Shaped Corian House Signs / Name Plates
Corian is also excellent for shaped house signs. Weather proof, fade proof and maintenance free. Prices from:-
Two Tone Engraved Corian Plaque - Small Sizes
Two tone engraved corian plaques - 6mm plaque inset into 12mm back-plate. Fixings can be hidden. Prices From:-
Two Tone Engraved Corian Plaque - Large Sizes
Corian can be mistaken for real stone, being quite heavy with a matt finish and cold feel. Prices From:-
Granite Wedges
Ideal for mounting memorial plaques, whether it be made from bronze, brass or corian. Prices from:-
Solid Oak Entrance Signs with Engraved Insert
Beautifully crafted superior entrance signs with solid oak panel inlaid with engraved plaque Prices start from:-