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Engraved Plaques and Name Plates

Engraved Plaques, Signs and Name Plates

In the engraving workshops at The Sign Maker we have both, traditional deep engraving along with the latest laser engraver, which is very useful to engrave  modern materials. When laser engraving the plaques, it is possible to achieve fine detailed images and very small text. There will always be a place though, for the classic deep engraved brass name plate. For the plaques and name plates we use top quality brass, stainless steel, stone-like corian, silver and coloured aluminium, along with acrylic laminates and wood. Backing boards for the plaques are available.

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Deep Engraved Brass  Name Plate
Brass is the traditional material for name plates. Available in 3 thicknesses - 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm
Laser Engraved Brass Plaques
Laser engraved brass plaques are ideal when the lettering is small or the images are very detailed
Acrylic Laminate Sign
Acrylic laminate is very durable and maintenance free - weather proof and UV resistant. Excellent quality.
Engraved Wood Veneer Name Plate
Real Wood Veneers - Oak, Maple, Ash and Cherry on Black Core - 9mm thick. Interior use only.
Silver Anodised Aluminium Name Plate
The silver anodised aluminium is ideal for the more contemporary nameplate. Fantastic quality.
Coloured Aluminium House Signs and Memorial Plaques
Made from 1.5mm coloured anodised aluminium. Can include line drawings and decorative borders.
Engraved Corian Name Plates
Corian has amazing weathering properties and is very low maintenance. Available in 2 thicknesses.
Backing Boards and Tree Stakes
Backing boards and tree stakes can be used to enhance the look of any of the engraved signs and plaques.
Black / Dark Bronze Aluminium Plaques
Beautiful Black / Dark Bronze aluminium plaques - great scratch resistant material. Prices start from:-
Coloured Aluminium Plaques
These aluminium signs come in a range of colours - Red, Blue, Green and Gold. Prices start from:-
1.5mm  Brass Plaque -  STOCK SIZES - FASTER DELIVERY
We have the most popular sizes pre-cut for a faster delivery, perfect if you need it urgently. Price start from:-
Polished Brass House Numbers
Traditional polished brass house number signs, top quality brass with or without a backing board.
Aluminium House Number Plaque
For a stylish house number plaque with a contemporary look - with or without a backing board.
Engraved Wooden Signs and Name Plates
The letters on these top class signs are engraved into solid wood - suitable for interior or exterior use
Plaque Holder with Plaque - Plant & Tree Stakes or Grave Markers
Moulded plaque holders are ideal for plant stakes, grave markers and memorial tree stakes. Prices from:
Engraved Wooden Plaques - Ovals and Rounds ...
These very beautiful plaques can be made in a variety of sizes - using Oak or Iroko. Prices from:
Deep Engraved Stainless Steel Signs
Top quality stainless steel signs and plaques - very easy to maintenance and looks fantastic. Prices from:-
Laser Engraved Stainless Steel
Laser Engraved Stainless steel is perfect for small lettering or detailed images. Prices starting from:
Desk Sign - Name Plate
Quality engraved brass or modern anodised aluminium on a wood bar. Personalise to suit your situation.
Engraved Family Crest on 2mm Brass
A family crest or coat of arms exquisitely engraved into quality brass using various techniques. Prices from:-
Granite Wedges
Ideal for mounting memorial plaques, whether it be made from bronze, brass or corian. Prices from:-
Wooden Backing Boards for plaques and signs
We can supply backing boards if required. They are usually made from oak, however other timbers can be used.