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In the stone workshop at The Sign Maker we have some lovely stones for you to choose from. Click the link below to see the various colours. The stone mason will cut the granite and marble to the required size and will engrave or sandblast the lettering and images. Eges can be clean cut, honed smooth or polished as requested.

The signs and name plates then move on to the painting room where the letters can be painted.
Gold, silver, white and black are the main colours but we do have others.

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Granite and Marble House Numbers
Marble and granite house numbers. A solid yet elegant number house sign. Prices start at:-
Granite and Marble House Name Plates 10-12mm thick
An interesting range of marble and granite house signs - 15 different types of stone. Prices start at:-
Standard Granite and Limestone signs   20 - 30mm thick
We have a great selection of standard granite and limestone signs 20 to 30mm think.. Prices start at:-
Stone Memorial Tablet
These lovely stone memorial tablets are made from thick slate or thick granite. Prices from:-
Granite Wedges
Granite wedges are ideal for mounting memorial plaques, whether it be made from bronze, engraved brass or corian. Prices from:-
Granite Wedges with Engraved Lettering
Granite wedges with engraved text are ideal for lettering that is at 20mm high. Prices from:-
Round Granite and Marble House Numbers
Superb quality round house address numbers. With a choice of either green marble or white marble. Prices from: