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Made by Craftsmen
Shipped Worldwide
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About Us!

The Sign Maker is a family run business situated in the heart of North Devon. Where there were once old farm buildings, Yelland Farm is now home to several converted workshops and offices. This is where our dedicated team of over 20 individuals spend most of their time crafting high-quality signage, memorials and wooden gifts. Our aim as a team is to create bespoke signage that matches and exceeds expectations. We do this by using top quality materials, a blend of traditional and modern design methods and, perhaps most importantly, by having award-winning craftsmen and an amazing customer service team.


The Sign Maker is owned by Kate and Shaun Price, assisted by four of their five children and a small local team. What started as a personal project has grown into an extensive sign-making business. When Shaun first made a wooden house sign as a favour for his mother in law, we never imagined that this is where we would be all these years later. The Sign Maker has grown to be an award-winning business that we love and are proud of.



Sign Making and Memorials

Our sign making experience is vast! We work with a wide variety of woods, metals, stones and vinyl to create these signs in many shapes, sizes and designs. The experienced workshop team take on the different roles with ease - producing signs of the highest quality for you to enjoy. 


When you order a sign from us, you can be reassured that our craftsmen will create something special for you. You will receive proof copies of the design in most cases before production begins and you can find updates online for the progress of your sign. We pay close attention to detail at every stage of production, ensuring that your sign or memorial is treated with the greatest care to give it longevity and long-lasting protection. 



Online Shop

In addition to our sign-making business, we also host an online shop where you can find all of our signs as well as a gift-giving range! The gifts stocked range from gardening gear to personalised wooden gifts and pewter. We enjoy working alongside other businesses to bring this shop to life and the range of products we have proves to be popular. 


Environmental Focus

The Sign Maker doesn’t start and end with the products we make; we pride ourselves on having an ethos that focuses on the environment! As a business, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. 


Upon moving to Yelland Farm, Kate and Shaun knew that they wanted the business to reflect their care for the natural landscape and a wider passion for sustainable living. As a result of this, the farm is home to three wildlife ponds, a wind turbine and several beehives. Additionally, the business is run off of as much of our own energy as possible, including being heated by a wood-burning biomass boiler. The family invested in hundreds of trees and wildflowers to further increase the farm’s biodiversity, and they continue to nurture the local wildlife and wild birds that choose to make Yelland Farm their home. 

In 2019, The Sign Maker was presented with an award for Environmental Project Of The Year at The North Devon Manufacturing Awards which was a magnificent achievement. 



Where Are We Now and What Is Our Vision?

We now have an extraordinary workforce of 20 individuals across our workshops and offices on-site, and it has been a privilege to make thousands of signs of the widest variety. From house and business signs to memorial pieces and caskets - we have loved working alongside many to design and craft a sign that is worthy of people’s homes, businesses and resting place. 


We are committed to continuing our environmental work, as well as ensuring our sign-making is done to the highest standard. Kate and Shaun continue to look for new and inventive ways of packaging and crafting to make things as environmentally viable as possible. 


Our small business has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Being a part of the local business scene here in North Devon is something that we are proud of and we hope to continue supporting other local businesses like ours. 


More information about our signage or memorials can be found here, and our blog with regular updates on the business can be found here! Do connect with us also on our socials (we are on TwitterInstagramFacebook and Pinterest) or get in touch with us today to find out more. We would love to hear from you!


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