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Made by Craftsmen
Shipped Worldwide
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Chemically Etched Brass

£80.83 (ex. VAT)
Amazing chemically etched brass, perfect for signs with several colours and finer details. This process leaves a sharp, clean finish with no mechanical stress to the material. *

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The main benefit of chemical etched signs and plaques over engraved signs and plaques  is no mechanical stress to the material and no cutter marks as the unwanted material is removed by chemicals leaving clear sharp, flat surface detail. Much of the detail can be extremely fine as required in many corporate logos. Letters can also be much smaller than is possible with normal engraving and several colours can be used.

We can include images and decorative borders  on the plaques. We have a large selection or you can send in you own artwork. Choose from a wide range of fonts with lots of letter colour choices.

Include information about images and borders in the notes box.

Backing Boards and tree stakes can also be supplied.

We aim to make your engraved brass plaque just the way you want it - specify any extra details in the box entitled 'notes'

You can pay online with a card, by phone, by cheque or by BACS (online Banking)

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