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Made by Craftsmen
Shipped Worldwide
Secure Payments
Tailored to You

Hand Painted Arch Top Cast Sign STSR4 - 1 Line of Straight Text with Motif & Inset Border

£156.67 (ex. VAT)
These beautiful cast house signs are hand painted with intricate motifs. Additionally the material is extremely tough and does not corrode so makes for a very low maintenance sign. #

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These signs are made out of an extremely tough material called polyurethane which is rigid and does not corrode. One benefit of these signs over the cast metal is that the letters come out far more crisp and more painted detail can be provided. NB As each sign is individually cast there can be slight variations in size.

There are 18 standard motifs but these can be embellished with extra details as required. see the example below:-

Extra painted details can be included on the sign

You Own Image - As well as the standard cast motifs you have the option of having your own image hand painted onto the sign.  These will not be raised. If you did want a raised motif please ask us for a quote.

The Standard Cast Motifs

Standard Motifs
More Standard Motifs

We have two standard fonts for these signs: Times New Roman and Franklin Gothic. However, other fonts are available on request at £5.00 per letter. Below is an example of Edwardian Script font:

variant attributes

To request a different font, please place your request in the notes section and we will contact you with a quote for the price of that font.

We aim to make your hand painted cast sign just the way you want it - specify any extra details in the box entitled 'notes'

You can pay online with a card, by phone, by cheque, by BACS (online Banking) or by Amazon.

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