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Production Times

All our signs are individually designed and unique to you. Production times varies on the production processes for each type of sign. If you need a sign urgently - call us and we will help if we  can.

For Christmas order go to page bottom.

Approx 1-2 working days

  • Standard Safety Signs 

Approx 3 working days

  • Plain vinyl wheel covers
  • Gifts

Approx 8 working days

  • Unpainted engraved signs
  • Laser engraved stainless steel and brass
  • Basic V-Cut slate

Approx 9 working days

  • Aluminium Composite
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Semi rigid wheel covers
  • Banners
  • Stickers

Approx 10 working days

  • Rustic Slice
  • Painted engraved signs
  • Personalised gifts

Approx 11 working days

  • Granite/slate wedges and slabs (If in stock)
  • Engraved signs with backing boards/caskets
  • Wooden crosses Sm,M,Lg
  • Wooden signs 200mm high or less

Approx 12 working days

  • Standard cast bronze

Approx 13 working days

  • Non standard saftey and CCTV
  • Stainless steel wheel covers
  • 3mm flat plate aluminium 
  • A boards
  • non standard clear acrylics
  • Full wrap wheel covers
  • Slate Unpainted

Approx 15 working days

  • Wooden signs 225mm high or more
  • Wooden crosses XL,XXL and mega
  • Painted oak signs
  • Porcelain

Approx 16 working days

  • Painted signs with frames
  • Stone and slate painted letters
  • Vinyl signage with wooden frames and posts
  • Poweder coated aluminium

Approx 17 hours days

  • Signs with posts


Approx 18 working days

  • Signs with painted posts

Approc 21 working days

  • Standard Zinc plate


Priority Orders For urgent orders we can reduce the production time by 5 working days, sometimes more. There is a priority charge of £11.95.

If a proof is necessary, production will not start until the proof has been approved.

Christmas Orders

To cope with increased demand the workshop will be working weekends. However to ensure dispatch date of 22nd December or before please order by the dates listed below. For 2 working days after these dates we will still do our best to get dispatched by 22nd on next day courier but there are no guarantees.

NB if you required a proof - please allow 2 extra days

30th November- 11am (4th December with priority)
Signs with posts with mortice joints

4th December - 11am(7th December with priority)
Signs with posts without mortice joints

Wooden Framed Signs 
Cast Brass & Aluminium 

9th December- 11am (11th December with priority)
Large Oak Signs - over 12" in Height 

Large Stone Signs - over 12" in Height 
French Style

10th December- 11am (12th December with priority)
Wooden Signs over 600mm long

Vinyl Work - eg magnetic's, A boards with graphics, Stickers,
Engraved Brass & Aluminium 
Corian Signs

Cast Bronze Plaques 
Zinc Plate
Full wrap wheelcovers 

Photo Frames 

12th December - 11am (14th December with priority)
Marble & Granite Signs 
Acrylic Glass House Signs 
Painted Signs 

14th December - 11am (16th December with priority)
Engraved Laminate without backing boards
Wooden signs with painted letters under 600mm long 

Reflective house signs
Wheel covers 

16th December - 11am (no proofs available)
Elegant range wooden signs
Lasered Stable Nameplates
Other Lasered Plaques eg Aluminium, wood, acrylic 
Slate Signs
Rustic Timber Signs with vinyl lettering 

All proofs must be approved by 11am on the 16th December if the order is to be delivered for Christmas.

18th December - 11am
If you have left it too late, but would still like to order a sign for a Christmas Present, we can send you an attractive self adhesive voucher. This will have a description of the sign along with the ref number and you can attach this to any card to give as a present.
If you would like a voucher sent out before the sign, please let us know in the notes box on the shopping cart. 

No Christmas orders for any sign or engraved gift will be processed after 11am on 17th December. 

Everything finished will leave the workshop on 23rd December for delivery on 24th December
Office will close midday on 18th December although the workshops will still be making signs. Most will be sent out by 22nd with the last few being sent out by next day courier on 23rd December.
Office Opens 6th Jan. Workshop will start work on 7th Jan.