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Made by Craftsmen
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TZ Scissors - Hanging Bracket

£122.00 (ex. VAT)
These speciality hanging brackets are designed for hairdressers or barbers.

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This is our new range of speciality hanging sign brackets designed for hairdressers, barbers, hat shops, boutiques, opticians, tea rooms, cafes and coffee shops.  The various designs are lazer cut from 3mm thick mild steel and then galvanised and powder coated to make it last. The cross base is laser cut from 8mm plate steel with 3 fixing holes.  The projecting arm is either 25 x 25mm antique hammered mild steel or 40 x 40mm box steel.  This range of sign bracket is supplied with free wall fixings.
Width Length Distance between the Hanging Eyes To Be Used With Panels
180mm 1000mm 410mm All panel shapes 1-3
Shape Panel Size
Landscape Oval - 1 620mm x 440mm
Landscape Oval - 2 740mm x 530mm
Portrait Oval - 3 600mm x 840mm
Landscape Oval - 4 400mm x 300mm
Portrait Oval - 5 600mm x 400mm
Landscape Oval - 6 700mm x 900mm
Portrait Oval - 7 900mm x 700mm
Landscape Rectangle - 1 600mm x 400mm
Portrait Rectangle - 2 600mm x 700mm
Portrait Rectangle - 3 650mm x 800mm
Portrait Rectangle - 4 700mm x 850mm
Landscape Rectangle - 5 900mm x 700mm
Square - 1 500mm x 500mm
Square - 2 600mm x 600mm
Square - 3 700mm x 700mm
Square - 4 800mm x 800mm
Square - 5 900mm x 900mm
Portrait Arch Top - 1 550mm x 600mm
Portrait Arch Top - 2 600mm x 700mm
Portrait Arch Top - 3 650mm x 800mm
Landscape Arch Top - 4 900mm x 750mm