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Made by Craftsmen
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Wooden Ground Stake / Tree Stake - Back Fixed

£12.21 (ex. VAT)
These can be used with a backing board to mount a metal plaque or with an engraved wooden plaque. Backing board not included.


These wooden tree stakes / ground stakes can be used for a memorial plaque on a backing board, or with an engraved wooden plaque. These are fixed from the back so no holes are necessary through the front of the plaque or backing board. Made from sapele, iroko or oak either oiled or coated with a black preservative.

Sapele is very rich, lustrous, and variable reddish-brown colour give it a mahogany-like appearance. However unlike most mahoganies, Sapele has substantially less movement in service. It is also even harder than oak. It is moderately durable and should always be maintained with oil or varnish 

Iroko is similar to teak in appearance. It has a colour which can vary from pale golden brown to dark chocolate brown and medium to coarse texture with an interlocking grain that often produces interesting patterns.
It is a medium density timber which is very stable, naturally oily and therefore highly durable and ideal for external signs.

Oak is a hard, heavy and durable hard wood. Although generally having a coarse straight grain, it can have wonderful variations in grain, texture and colour and small pin knots and burrs are an attractive and acceptable part of its appearance. Although very durable it does need to be maintained - if water creeps in, fungal activity will cause the grain to blacken.

They can be fitted to your plaque or backing board or supplied alone. (holes drilled and screws provided)
Plaques and backing boards can be purchased separately.

We aim to make your memorial sign just the way you want it - specify any extra details in the box entitled 'notes'

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